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My family and I started a little business called SolidRoots.

We make board and card games inspired by our family traditions so that you can make new traditions and memories with your favorite people.

Our motto is “Be together. Have fun.”
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Holiday Party Kits

Our flagship product was born out of the frustration of exchanging gifts with our huge, loud, Italian family.

We were sick of the nonsense of tearing up pieces of paper, keeping up with whose turn it was, & trying to figure out how many times a gift had been stolen. So we fixed as much as we could with these kits.

There’s also one for whatever you call your tradition: Dirty Santa, White Elephant, or Yankee Swap.

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MoMo's Shanghai Rummy

MoMo was our great grandmother who made up this special kind of rummy with lots of wild cards. We think it was because she was such a wild card in real life.

We tend to make up excuses to get together just so we can play this game. It’s one of our favorites. And we’ve totally indoctrinated Tiffany as well. She’s our biggest advocate now.

She thinks you should buy this game.

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If you like Mario Kart, you'll love these games.

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